Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 7: Do you remember?

Mechanics: Memory
Theme: Book
Victory: Most Experience Points
Constraint: The leader should have a penalty

A) Tonight I'm super tired.

B) My bluetooth keyboard is malfunctioning at the moment, so every couple of lines my touchpad keyboard is coming up on screen (typing on the iPad).  That's pretty annoying.  Battery is probably low on the keyboard.

Anyway, I'm just going to grind something out here before I go to bed.  My wife and I are both struggling to stay awake.

This will be a pretty simple idea for a game.

Day 7: Do you remember?

A literary game for 3-6 players.

The game comes with a deck of literary quotes.  Each card contains one quote of approximately one 3-4 sentence paragraph.  All of them have some bits of data, dates, names, etc. that can be specifically recalled (or not).  They also have 3 questions about the passage written on the back of the card.

The game starts with players drawing the first 3 cards per player from the deck.  Players take turns going around the table reading their quotes.  They read the quote only one time, though if a player needs a passage repeated for clarity they can request a repetition.   After the quote is finished, the player places the card in a parallel pile without looking at the back side (where the questions are).

Players continue around the table until all the quotes have been read.  Then the deck of discards/read cards are flipped.  Starting with the second player from the first round, each player reads one question from the card.  They must choose a number and announce it before they pick up the card to read the question.

Each player writes their own answer to the question on their pad, until all questions have been asked and answered.

After that, the players check their answers and for each question they answer correctly they gain 10 experience points.  Every 50 experience points represents one "level."

The game is played in three rounds (of 3 cards each).  Players that have gained levels also have progressive penalties as follows:

Level 1: Player no longer can ask to have cards repeated.
Level 2: Each round, the player starts at -10 XP
Level 3: The player can no longer read quotes or questions from the deck themselves (other players must read their card for them)
Level 4: The player starts the round at -20 XP

After three rounds are scored, the player with the highest XP wins the game.

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